Bizarre Security Systems That You’ll Surely Be Hunting In Stores

Home security has been there ever since people started to acquire houses and other properties. It is something that we normally have to prevent unauthorized access, damage, harm and sudden danger to our loved ones and personal property. Before, it was all about just protecting the area by putting barriers and signage to keep burglars away. As the times modernized, technological advancements became accessible that definitely guarantee home safety for owners.

These home security alarm systems include closed-circuit television or CCTV surveillance, mechanical alarm locks, access control panels, hidden cameras and sensors, and many others. These items make our lives easier, make us feel more secure and maintain our safety as well as protection to our belongings. Aside from these usual devices that we commonly see, there are a lot of weird but creative ways on how we can provide ourselves with home security. Below are just some of the interesting ones.

1. Wall Socket Safe

Who would have thought that you could actually hide something inside the wall socket? We all know that wall safes are the most common and are usually hidden behind huge paintings or shelves. Since everybody sees these kinds of safes everywhere, burglars might go for it first. They will not even think about looking into that tiny rectangle on the wall. The wall socket safe is simple and proven very effective. It looks like a simple and harmless electric outlet but it slides out like an ordinary drawer, revealing the hidden items inside. It is cheaper than any other type of hidden safes in the market.

Secret Wall Vault

Wall Socket Safe
Image courtesy of Marcela Castillo via Pinterest

2. Book Vault

Traditional covert hidden safes like we always see on television are not recommended. The most common is using books and bookshelves as hiding places. These are usually the first targets of burglars. But what if you can use real books as vaults? The book vault is not just a regular box that you place on the shelf. It has actual pages that you can flip with a hidden partition in between where you can put your belongings. These books are best used as gun safes since they are well protected by the legitimate book cover and the pages.

Book Vault! This hidden safe will be a sure way to fool the thieves! #booZhee

Book Vault
Image courtesy of booZhee via Pinterest

3. Fake Rock Key Hider

When you want to leave your keys behind instead of letting other people keep it for you, you tend to kick it under the doormat by the front door. This is already common and can pose a threat to your entire house. A crazy thing to do is to create a pebbled area around your house and place a fake rock key hider on a spot where you can remember. If ever a burglar targets the stones, it will take forever for him to find the right rock.

Secret Hiding Compartment Hole in Fake Rock. I don’t know if it will fool burglars, but it’s worth a try.

Fake Rock Key Hider
Image courtesy of Design Soak via Pinterest

4. Fake TV Lights

There is nothing more effective in warding off burglars than seeing the house with people that are still awake. A great idea is turning your TV on, but it is not advisable especially if you want it running until the wee hours of the morning. Good thing there is a fake TV device which can imitate the lights of a real TV without the need for the huge TV screen or even big electricity costs. This small noiseless device is as effective as installing home security systems to deter possible burglars.

5. Fake Dog Barking

If you can’t afford having pets, the best alternative is having a device that emits a fake barking sound. It does not only ward off possible burglars, it is also a good source of security than to buy an actual guard dog.

6. Mouse Trap Security System

It’s always a struggle to install security systems especially if it needs a lot of wires and gadgets to be able to work properly. There is a fun and simple way of playing around at home and maintaining safety at the same time. This is through the use of the mouse trap. Since mouse traps are pressure sensitive, it can be linked to doors and alarms during night time. When the door suspiciously opens, the mouse trap springs into action and activates the alarm.

7. Goose Alarm

This is probably the weirdest of all but still possible to use. Most of the farm owners are using this technique. Not only does it save them money, it is very effective as well. Geese are known to emit an ear-splitting sound. They do this weird behavior even louder when they sense the slightest movement at night. A goose might not be as scary as a dog, but its noise is enough to let the burglars run away.

The Weirder, The Better

Weird is fun, and the most unusual things are often the most effective. They might be cheaper than the high-end devices we see in stores, but it is always better to be able to save money and feel safe at the same time. If you haven’t yet, it’s the right time you equip your house with bizarre but quality home alarm systems.

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