Sleepwalkers and Heavy Snores: How To Be Safe?

SleepingSleep. You become most vulnerable when you lack sleep.  But how do you keep yourself safe when the cause of sleep problems could be you? Off the bat, there are two types of people who need to be safe from themselves when sleeping, those who suffer from sleepwalking and sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea, as defined by, is a common sleep disorder that affects both children and adults, and that could result to critical cardiac events such as stroke, cardiac arrest, heart arrhythmia, and chest pains.  Research associates sleep apnea as a serious disorder that needs treatment immediately. Apnea or “want of breath” in Greek tally in an estimated 18 million sufferers in America, or at least 1 in every four households (family of 4), that’s 6.62% of the American population.  It’s not gender specific or age specific.  As a result, 263,000 kids have their tonsils removed to help remove the obstruction in their breathing.

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Work Injuries and Illnesses, Minimize Your Risk

A typical adult spends most of his time in two places, home and work. Given this amount of exposure, you are at risk at work from contracting disease to fatal injuries. And though the rates and average are an acceptable level, it is better for us to understand what puts us at risk and how can we contribute to minimizing it.

In Bureau of Labor Statistics’ recent study, work related injuries and illnesses are at 1,078,140, keeping workers “away from work at least 2 ½ times the average.” Among these numbers, laborers, truck drivers, nursing aides and construction workers tally in the most incident.

Geography plays a major part in increasing the odds of getting exposed to accidents. In a city like Boston for example, a worker is at risk to assaults, transportation accidents, and exposure to fire. This may ring true to most places and cities around the country, even around the world. New York, given its high population density, tallies the most number of fatal occupational injuries. Source: Occupational Safety and Health Statistics: New Data for a New Century

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Coolest Buildings around the World

Coolest Buildings
While I am staggered by the controversial Burj Khalifa Tower, I can’t help but thank its creators.  Dubbed as the tallest building in the world, I bet it is also among the proudest achievements any developer could accomplish in the next 10 years. I would drool over this matter, and yet, I won’t mind getting embarrassed. The complexity and material competitiveness in the building is yet unmatched. Having an opportunity to live in an Armani residence would be a lifetime honor.

Excuse the overstated happiness but these kinds of things are like an orgasm to constructors, builders, architects, and the likes.

While I am still snowed under the existence of this giant, let me treat your with ArchDaily’s compilation of the 14 coolest buildings around the world in the year 2011, featured in Business Insider. They were acquired after a two-stage voting process with more than 65,000 votes. These buildings range from established offices to upcoming young practices, with one thing in common: good architecture.

I can’t wait for this year’s anthology of buildings with great design and architecture.

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