Home Alarm Systems or CCTV?

We see it on basic cable, the very sensational “caught-on-cam” violation against property and safety. It is played in slow-motion over and over and ranked from bad to worst.

On the back of my head I say “This is a very good ad for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system”.  And indeed, CCTV sales are on the rise up to 40% in the last few years, depending on where you live.

Passive witness
The thing about CCTVs that makes it an incomplete security system is that it only serves as a passive witness to the crime.  If one does not have the resources to have actual guards monitoring the system to stop the crime as it happens, you only have a documented evidence of the crime.  The evil deed is done.  That’s a bad oversight.

Ideally, CCTVs and a competent alarm system should come in pairs.  But if you must choose, better begin with an alarm system as primary protection for your homes.  Why? Because what you need is protection, a deterrent!  This is true when a corrective action is not readily available.

If you notice, you can see that most establishments that have cameras also have conspicuous signs that say they have security cameras.  That serves as a deterrent.  But people get smart, even evil doers, so when one does not have the resources to act on a melee quickly, it’s a fail.

Practical  Solution
If you are a person living alone, or on a budget securing a home that requires complex coverage, start with an alarm then eventually add a CCTV in place.  The alarm should serve as a good deterrent and a call to action if you are burglarized.  It’s also cheaper and easier to maintain if you just want a secure household in an area with a relatively low crime rate.

This is also a good add-on to the security in place if you are living in condominiums which mostly have CCTVs in place but not enough security personnel to monitor every floor.

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