Hydroponic Gardening Without the Mess

Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is slowly becoming a hit among gardening fans. Hydroponics is actually one type of gardening that doesn’t use soil as its medium. Instead, it uses water filled with nutrients and alternate growing mediums (like moss, clay, sand, coir, etc.) for the plants to grow. It can be called as organic, but without the fertilizers and the compost.

It can be classified as one type of indoor gardening without the hassle of bringing in dirt to the house. There is not much space needed for the plants to grow. It only requires a pot for each plant to grow and enough space for the water system to operate.

Hydroponics is by no means cheap if you want to have all the gears to your advantage, but do-it- yourself enthusiasts have come up of different methods of making your own hydroponic gardens on the cheap.

One is to make your own water pump system. Purchasing an actual water pump may appear to be expensive, but making one yourself doesn’t take out much from your wallet and can work just as well. You can use large empty soda bottles and a bit of tubing from the corner hardware for making one.

Using chemical- and toxin-free plastic bags and containers is a good alternative for actual plant pots. It promotes reuse of recyclable materials and is cheap as well.

Sometimes, air and water pumps are not needed for the casual gardener. Other hydroponic methods are available without stressing over pumps. One method such as Wicking makes use of any cotton material with a growing medium placed at the nutrient-filled water. The water will rise up toward the growing medium and into the plant.

Hydroponics is a good conceptual way to test out indoor gardening. Why not try it out for yourself and see if you have the works for it.

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