Home Alarm Systems or CCTV?

We see it on basic cable, the very sensational “caught-on-cam” violation against property and safety. It is played in slow-motion over and over and ranked from bad to worst.

On the back of my head I say “This is a very good ad for Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system”.  And indeed, CCTV sales are on the rise up to 40% in the last few years, depending on where you live.

Passive witness
The thing about CCTVs that makes it an incomplete security system is that it only serves as a passive witness to the crime.  If one does not have the resources to have actual guards monitoring the system to stop the crime as it happens, you only have a documented evidence of the crime.  The evil deed is done.  That’s a bad oversight.

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Avoiding the Perils while on Vacation

Questionable safety is one of the biggest deterrents for tourism all over the world. Every country, every city you want to visit poses a unique threat to an individual’s security and safety. These are the initial hurdles when traveling and sometimes the hurdles are just too great to deem practical and sometimes common sense is a good enough tool. The Department of State’s website (http://travel.state.gov) provides travel advisories that help us identify countries with high risk due to political instability or just outright high criminal activity.

How grave are these incidents? The rise of number of tourist in Indonesia is perpendicular with a rise in the number of crimes. “Transnational crime such as bank fraud, terrorism, drug and human trafficking may highlight the island’s crime scene this year due to the tourism boom.” according to a report on Jakarta Post.

Not to discourage you further, here are some pocket knowledge you may want to take with you while on vacation

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Hydroponic Gardening Without the Mess

Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic gardening is slowly becoming a hit among gardening fans. Hydroponics is actually one type of gardening that doesn’t use soil as its medium. Instead, it uses water filled with nutrients and alternate growing mediums (like moss, clay, sand, coir, etc.) for the plants to grow. It can be called as organic, but without the fertilizers and the compost.

It can be classified as one type of indoor gardening without the hassle of bringing in dirt to the house. There is not much space needed for the plants to grow. It only requires a pot for each plant to grow and enough space for the water system to operate.

Hydroponics is by no means cheap if you want to have all the gears to your advantage, but do-it- yourself enthusiasts have come up of different methods of making your own hydroponic gardens on the cheap.

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Coolest Buildings around the World

Coolest Buildings
While I am staggered by the controversial Burj Khalifa Tower, I can’t help but thank its creators.  Dubbed as the tallest building in the world, I bet it is also among the proudest achievements any developer could accomplish in the next 10 years. I would drool over this matter, and yet, I won’t mind getting embarrassed. The complexity and material competitiveness in the building is yet unmatched. Having an opportunity to live in an Armani residence would be a lifetime honor.

Excuse the overstated happiness but these kinds of things are like an orgasm to constructors, builders, architects, and the likes.

While I am still snowed under the existence of this giant, let me treat your with ArchDaily’s compilation of the 14 coolest buildings around the world in the year 2011, featured in Business Insider. They were acquired after a two-stage voting process with more than 65,000 votes. These buildings range from established offices to upcoming young practices, with one thing in common: good architecture.

I can’t wait for this year’s anthology of buildings with great design and architecture.

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About the Blogger: Roger Gallager

Roger Gallager
I am one of the people who love the why of things.
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I am a freelance writer, communications specialist, a general constructor, and a musician. Roxbury, Boston – renowned for its place at the very forefront of American history has been my quarters for excellence and continued learning.

To date, I have driven a thousand miles along the back roads of America to study construction engineering and management in Stanford University, California. But before that, I have switched my major no less than 4 times and held 10 part- time jobs.

In 2000, I moved to New York, where I worked as a freelance writer up until now, before realizing that I did not care when Google was born. At that point, I was just ripe for discovering the manifestos of the Constructionist’s such as Ken Garland’s “First Things First” declaration. You must know that I dig design as a method of education and empowerment. This is the reason why I engaged in the construction industry.

While I am not occupied in coordinating construction for physical objects, and providing work oversight, I find generous time to share what I know through writing, and now, blogging. I write about a range of topics including saving money tips, home improvement, and the construction business. I have established some design programs and write-ups, which got featured in CBS News and NBC Southern California News.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  • “General Interpretations on Construction Management” Editorial, TEDx
  • “Home: General Safety and Security Provisions” New York: W. W. Norton
  • “Personal Protective and Life Saving Equipment” GOOD Magazine
  • “My Sanctuary”  Architectural League of New York
  • “Construction on Work Site Security and Safety” Presentation at NAEA Conference, New York

After midnight, I make mix tapes and audio loops, and perform in a small bar owned by my sister in Helsinki. I am currently finishing my last set of aviation classes, and a book about home improvement, which I’m hoping to get published. At some point in the future, I plan to go off the grid, and live in Malibu.